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February 2018
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Life has a way of getting away from ya

It has been over a year. Since I have wrote anything to my followers. It has been a CRAZY year. I dumped my deadbeat boyfriend who was using my home and money as he pleased. I reconnected with my EX-HUSBAND. Yea I know WTF was I thinking. Lol Well I was thinking we are older and slightly wiser now. We always had fun, we just never had adult responsibilities, and adulating by yourself is hard. We started dating last summer and was remarried by October!! Again crazy I know, we wanted an outdoor wedding in Iowa so either early fall or late spring.

We got pregnant in December, which my weight ballooned up between stress, life and the holidays. I was up to 195.

We lost the baby in January it was extremely difficult there was no chance to grieve or process. It was just a loss. I do not think I can compared the sadness to anything. I have buried two dads, a grandfather who raised me and a husband and this probably hurts the most.

I started obsessively researching reasons why, and the old adage keeps popping up it just happens. I do not find comforting on any level. Never tell any other human that please.

I have a feeling my husband and my weight did play a role in the miscarriage. Now my husband can huff, puff, and say that is not the reason. However, I know we were unhealthy at the time, and I am sure it did not help.

After sulking in my own misery for awhile I decided I would need to make a change. I started meal planning a few weeks during March. I fell off the wagon and bought more food than I would ever eat. When hubby meal plans he makes a roast and eats it every single day. I would die if I had to eat the same thing every day. I like variety. O my meal prepping was lengthy fresh salads daily and crockpot meals. I decided a new tactic had to be employed. I joined spark people, just to get a sense of community. I started researching the Keto diet, and I went full nutso. Joined 20 groups and read blogs after blog post. So Keto is similar to Paelo, it is a low carb and high fat diet. You first start by calculating your micros.

I like this calculator a lot. It showed me that my micros needed to be

Well that does not sound too hard, oh what you say one monster has 30 carbs in it. CRAP. Okay okay what about Diet Pepsi, safe there YES! There are low carbs energy drinks.. mmm let me try one. Oh the Ultra Black is okay. YAY. So I started by just keeping track of my food intake with SparkPeople, I was consuming between 300 and 500 carbs a DAY!! A DAY. I cut breads from my sandwiches that was easy actually. I can still enjoy a great hamburger with all the fixings with a knife and fork. I had to cook pasta, which hurts a lot. I have been trying the low carb noodles miracles noodles, but have not found the right consistency to make them mimic real noodles.

I started March 29th at 194.4. Today June 5th I am 178. I have lost 16.4 pounds in the last 9 weeks. My BMI has went from 31.5 to 28.7 which means I would have been classified as obese, now I am sitting at overweight. I have not incorporate exercise into this routine at all. Somedays I fail big time, I have a few beers, and then I want some chips. Some days I hit my micros perfectly. I do not feel starved I do not feel like I am punishing myself. If I want almost anything, a quick google search to bring up a low carb option is already available. I wanted cheesecake, and I made a wonderful low carb cheesecake. I can have Halo Top ice cream if I want something sweet, which is very rare.

My husband’s weight has also bounced back and forth in the last six months he was working out and eat healthy and a stressful time with his job made him lose focus of what he was working for. We spoke last night about trying to again loss weight together. I want my BMI to be in the normal range, (145, 150 BMI of 24 of so) and he wants to be out of obese range. I understand BMI is not important to some people but it a scale to help see where I need to be. I am not super muscular, I am soft and round. I carry most of my weight in my midsection. It is not healthy and I need to keep up this change.

I will be updating my measurements this week.


Keto on lovely guys and gals.


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